Thank you for visiting our web page. It is still under construction, if you do not see something that you are looking for please contact us since we do not have pictures of all sizes and items available. Hanging Cages, Stacking Cages, Travel Cages, Groom Boxes and more:cages 050
cages 025hanging cages cages 00512 x 24cages 020cages 028cages 02624 x 48 cages 03524 x 48/><acages 008

9 thoughts on “Home

  1. The cages you made for us are fantastic! Love them and get compliments on them when people see them. When I need more, I’ll be getting them from you and recommending you! Thanks again!

  2. Wondering if i could get a could get a quote on a few cavy stackers please
    18×24×12- 4hole and 5 hole with dura trays
    24×24×12 – 5 hole with dura trays
    36×24×12- 4 hole with dura trays
    40×24×12 – 4 hole with dura trays
    Just got one from a friend and possibly thinking on getting another

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